Our process is collaborative. This most public of arts is one that is not the product of a lone practitioner but the result of a joint and well-coordinated effort. Our office, located in Center City Philadelphia, is a physical representation of how we work. One large open room, it facilitates and symbolizes the collaboration and constant exchange of energy and ideas that is the basis of our creative process. We often have clients and stakeholders in the office to participate with us in the collaborative process, and meetings with clients are usually informal and inclusive in the design process. Daniela, Cameron, and John are personally involved in each and every project as a principal-in-charge to ensure clear communication and the best service for our clients. Each partner, with their differing areas of expertise, provides in-house consulting and oversees in-house studios of architecture, preservation, interiors, planning and landscape. Distinguished Senior Associates and Associates, all with areas of expertise of their own, work on a quotidian basis to implement partner feedback and lead projects. Under their leadership, project teams realize projects from start to finish, resulting in work that is consistent, beautiful, and carefully conceived.