VMA is a client focused, full service architectural design firm with expertise that leads our clients confidently from planning and feasibility studies through building, interiors, and landscape design. Ever mindful of our stewardship of the built and natural environment we offer preservation, sustainable design and LEED application specialty services. VMA supports your fundraising efforts with a wide range of presentation materials and provides donor recognition that is integral to the design.


Most projects with which VMA has been involved have included renovations of and/or additions to existing structures, many of them historically significant. The joy of this work has been to experience the materials and construction techniques from a period when the arts and architecture were inextricably intertwined in the eyes of the architect. The challenge has been, and remains, to introduce contemporary modifications to the historic fabric with a sensitivity which does not lead to a false sense of history, but rather gently complements, reinforces, and repairs the historic fabric.

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A solid facilities Master Plan will set goals and strategies for the built environment in support of an institution’s mission. Fundamental to this planning is a deep understanding of the fabric and history of the campus design, as well as a comprehensive understanding of its current and anticipated use. We seek resolutions which optimize the existing space and integrate thoughtful expansion possibilities to complement, reinforce, and repair the existing buildings and site.

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The integration of the built environment into its landscape creates the opportunity to connect people with their environment. Whether a dedicated open space, a central gathering area, or a transition space between elements of the built environment, we incorporate plantings, paving, lighting, and amenities that together preserve the integrity of the natural setting, enhance the sense of place, and make the experience of nature more accessible.

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We spend vast amounts of time indoors and the interior space which we occupy has a profound impact on our quality of life. Light, color, and texture combine to create the look and feel of a place, appealing to our sensibilities and informing us of its purpose. Whether formal or informal, traditional or contemporary, public or private, sacred or secular, our interior design strives to satisfy our human needs for comfort and security while reinforcing the institution’s mission and identity.

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Mindful of the legacy of the built environment to future generations, our buildings look to the future with special consideration given to the conservation of resources. Having incorporated principles of sustainable design for over twenty years, natural daylighting and ventilation, recycled and recyclable materials, as well as sustainable site considerations are fundamental to our practice. Voith & Mactavish Architects is committed to sustainable design with nearly 100% of our design staff LEED accredited professionals. VMA encourages sustainable living practices at work and at home and supports our staff with commuter alternatives as well as green business practices.

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