Abbott Hall

Millbrook School | Millbrook, New York

With the Holbrook Arts Center complete, the 1970’s Abbott Hall dorm took on visual prominence in the newly configured Duran Quad. A transformation completed during a twelve week summer break allowed the school to move smoothly into the fall semester without missing a beat while creating a handsome campus space and far superior living environment for 40 girls and two faculty families. The building now acts as a visual anchor that helps defines the axis between its cupola and the Chapel’s steeple.

The structure was stripped down to the cider block structure. The exterior was clad with clapboards, and window openings were rearranged to create a more orderly appearance. Vestibules were added at the primary entries to create wind and thermal breaks while providing space for recycling and muddy shoes. Most of the roof was replaced with standing seam metal, while the faculty apartments were roofed in slate to better integrate with other buildings on campus.. Brick and flagstone walks, an outdoor terrace and plantings help to define the public and private areas of the dormitory and faculty residences.

The interior was completely renovated: maple doors, carpeting, wood wainscoting create more durable and beautiful halls while built–in maple desks and wardrobes make more efficient use of the space available. The common room features a kitchenette, tall ceilings and a window seat that invites natural light while offering beautiful views of campus.

Landscape completed in association with Andropogon Associates.

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Size: 12,000 sf
Budget: $3.2 million


Architecture, Interior Design, Planning, Landscape

Abbott Hall

Millbrook School | Millbrook, New York

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