Comprehensive Campus Plan

Church Farm School | Exton, Pennsylvania

Church Farm School is blessed with a strong and beautiful core of historic buildings originally laid out by Milton Medary in 1918. However, the boarding school needed a campus plan approved by the township to comply with a previous zoning agreement that was about to expire.

The school’s goals included: creating a pedestrian-only core with a new quad, reorienting the main entrance, creating a dynamic and prominent entry to the main academic building to face the new entry and quad, and an Arts Center. On the south side of campus, we worked to create a strong residential zone by bringing all faculty housing to campus, consolidating the historic dorms into larger structures with more amenities and proposing a new Student Center as the social hub for the faculty and student housing. This work supports the school’s historic district and the new storm water regulations.

VMA worked closely with user groups to develop the program for the components of the comprehensive plan. Conditions Assessments and Feasibility Studies services were provided. The plan was successfully adopted by the school Trustee’s and the township in record time.

Currently in design are the entry and parking landscape improvements, the arts center, a facilities building and the renovations and additions to the main academic building.


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Size: 150 acres


Architecture, Historical Preservation, Planning, Landscape

Comprehensive Campus Plan

Church Farm School | Exton, Pennsylvania

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