Dining Hall

Springside School | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Springside School envisioned a new, contemporary addition to a mid-century building, which would provide a dining hall with the flexibility for multiple uses. The dining hall would be able to serve 300, but with distinct sections for the Lower, Middle, and Upper schools.

To achieve this, VMA’s approach changed the dining service from traditional line-based service to a scatter service.

To accommodate the new system, the central volume was designed to be divided to accommodate both formal events or meetings. Windows, with exterior sun shades, provide views over the campus playing field and introduce ample natural light into the dining areas. A new porch offers students the chance to dine outside. Lastly, near the servery, a flexible, new multi-purpose space, positioned in the middle of the central corridor, encouraged informal socializing and studying and gallery space to exhibit student work.


Associated Builders and Contractors Southeast Pennsylvania Chapter, Excellence in Construction Award, 1994

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Size: 9,500 sf
Budget: $926,000


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape

Dining Hall

Springside School | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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