McLendon Hall

Drew University | Madison, New Jersey

McLendon Hall is a six-story residence hall sited on the edge of a woodland grove, designed in sync with the strong institutional commitment to sustainability espoused by Drew University. The V-shaped footprint of the dormitory allowed for maximization of scenic and tranquil views from as many student rooms as possible. Efforts were taken to visually shorten the structure and work the dormitory into the existing campus context. Oversize windows topped with pointed arches make reference to the Collegiate Gothic style found in the older buildings on Drew’s campus while simultaneously creating unique spaces on the interior with generous views out to the treetops.

The design makes use of a highly-efficient building envelope and glazing distribution to minimize the HVAC equipment loads.  A “green” screen displays the continuous monitoring of energy production, water use at the school, as well as data output from energy meters and PV panels. Almost 30 geothermal wells supplement the heating and cooling system, while the design incorporated many regionally extracted, harvested, and manufactured materials from within 500 miles of the site.


LEED Silver Certified
Northeast Real Estate and Construction Review, Green Building of America Award, 2009

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Size: 53,000 sf
Budget: $13 million


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Sustainability

McLendon Hall

Drew University | Madison, New Jersey

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