Hargroves Center

Germantown Friends School | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hargroves Hall introduced a new facade on Germantown Avenue, a main commercial artery for the surrounding neighborhood, that reinforced the school’s presence in the community and restored a piece of the urban fabric. Together with the school’s Sharpless Building, it defines the corner of Germantown Avenue and Coulter Street as the gateway to their campus.   

The new building provided a much-needed student lounge and meeting spaces, math and computer classrooms that incorporated technology for interactive instruction, and a snack bar. It also included a new terrace adjacent to the building and a new parking lot.             

It was designed to integrate with the existing campus aesthetic while creating an exciting and student-friendly interior. In the spirit of Quaker simplicity, we chose to use the stained and waxed structural slab as the finished floor. Because of its relative distance from campus, the design emphasizes the diagonal view back to main campus. The main window in the stair, the windows in the snack bar, as well as one classroom face that direction. The steeply-pitched gable roof recalls the roof of the historic Meeting House, the school’s architectural centerpiece. The overall aesthetic is institutional, yet welcoming in keeping with the school’s tradition of Quaker origins.

Interior Design completed in association with Executive Interiors

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Size: 12,500 sf
Budget: $2.3 million


Architecture, Interior Design

Hargroves Center

Germantown Friends School | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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