Head of School House

The Hotchkiss School | Lakeville, Connecticut

As it prepared to welcome a new Head of School, The Hotchkiss School chose to improve the on-campus residence of the Head and their family. The new response would need to balance the contemporary needs of a family with kids and pets alongside the professional need to entertain guests and to host functions.

VMA’s architectural and interior design was focused on improving flow as well as access to and from the major rooms for gatherings, aesthetically reflecting the school’s brand and identity with room for personalization. We drew upon the school’s collections of art, oriental carpets, and furniture throughout.

The kitchen was enlarged by eliminating a pantry and an odd, first-floor guest room became a catering support space. This improved circulation. The Head’s private area within the house was reconfigured to include a study, bedroom with a terrace, dressing room, and bath. The children’s bedrooms and baths were likewise updated. The attic space was converted into two guest bedrooms, with a shared bath, by cutting new dormers into the roof to provide light and view. The formal stair was extended for gracious access.

Interior Design completed in association with Executive Interiors

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Size: 8,000 sf
Budget: $1.25 million


Architecture, Interior Design

Head of School House

The Hotchkiss School | Lakeville, Connecticut

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