Callard House Admissions Office

Millbrook School | Millbrook, New York

Built in 1935 as a faculty residence, Callard House eventually became the home of Admissions and Alumni Development. But Millbrook needed more space for alumni and believed Admissions merited a renovation that would render it more welcoming to a growing number of prospective students and parents.

VMA’s design featured a re-organization and addition that would benefit both Admissions and Alumni Development while retaining the comfortable residential character of the building.

Given Callard’s central location on campus, we carefully chose the scale of the addition so as not to overpower the school’s core of unimposing, historic buildings. We used traditional building materials and techniques to ensure a seamless integration into the campus aesthetic. Inside, we handpicked the finishes and furniture. VMA also gave great attention to the landscape, which included creation of a memorial garden to honor Millbrook students who died in active military service.


Winner - Institutional Design, East Pennsylvania ASID Interior Design Awards, 2020

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Size: 3,400 sf
Budget: $500,000


Architecture, Interior Design, Planning

Callard House Admissions Office

Millbrook School | Millbrook, New York

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