Casertano Dining Hall

Millbrook School | Millbrook, New York

The existing Millbrook School dining hall was small and noisy with inadequate servery areas and could no longer accommodate the whole school for formal dinners. Ad hoc additions built to make room for the growing school detracted from the small-scale grace of the original structure. The concept for the new dining hall grew out of the 2012 Student Life Master Plan by VMA. Forming a new exterior court directly behind the current dining room, the new 400-seat hall has a large central volume with side aisles. It is light and airy, quiet, and architecturally expressive of the school’s mission and identity.

A glazed gallery and cupola over the main entry connect the original dining hall with the new while forming a focal point for the court. The original dining room has been transformed into the campus living room and is used to host faculty and trustees’ meetings, special dinners and other events. The courtyard is for outdoor dining.

The school’s farm-to-table food service operation, reflects their overall commitment to sustainability. Environmental initiatives are also reflected through the materials palette, incorporation of ample daylighting, and installation of geothermal systems. Views to the north, intentionally visible through the open kitchen. include the school’s organic gardens and further emphasize the farm-to-table program.

The kitchen has been sized to accommodate cooking instruction, and features freezers large enough accommodate locally and seasonally sourced vegetables in bulk.

Landscape completed in association with Andropogon Associates.


Trumbauer Award, Institute of Classical Architecture & Art - Philadelphia Chapter, 2018
Award of Excellence, Architectural Woodword Institute, 2018
Gold Award, Brick in Architecture Award, 2018
Stanford White Award, Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, 2019


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Size: 15,000 sf
Budget: $9.7 million


Architecture, Interior Design, Planning, Landscape

Casertano Dining Hall

Millbrook School | Millbrook, New York

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