Athletic Facilities & Playing Fields

Mount Saint Joseph Academy | Flourtown, PA

Mount Saint Joseph Academy identified a need for improved and expanded facilities for both their arts and athletics programs. The school envisioned this could be achieved by an addition to their existing arts facilities. 

VMA completed a feasibility study to conceptualize that vision and then worked with the school on a design that would achieve its implementation. A first phase would address the arts, while a second phase of the plan would focus on athletics and playing fields.

VMA’s athletics addition includes a fitness center, training room with whirlpool tub, and locker rooms for refs and coaches at the gym floor level. The second floor sees a new student locker room, ringed by windows (at eye level, to maintain privacy.) The locker room also includes light wood cubbies to provide ample changing and aisle space. In addition to a new dedicated health classroom, the school replaced and upgraded mechanical systems in the main gym.

Outside, the school built new softball and lacrosse fields and an Olympic-caliber track that surrounds an additional soccer field. These fields now form the landscape of the school’s main entrance. As the school’s colors are purple and yellow, the surroundings were planted with forsythia and periwinkle. Lastly, new bleachers were set into a sloped bank so as not to obscure the view of the track from the Upper Campus.

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Size: 8500 sf (arts and athletics)
Athletic fields: 6 acres
Budget: $1.8 million (arts and athletics)


Architecture, Landscape

Athletic Facilities & Playing Fields

Mount Saint Joseph Academy | Flourtown, PA

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