Alan Horowitz 'Sixth Man' Center

Philadelphia Youth Basketball | Philadelphia, PA

After years spent studying options and sites for a new home to support its wide range of programs, Philadelphia Youth Basketball received a generous lead gift which would enable the group to expand its outreach to youths ages 6-18 for both basketball and general life skills. Youth empowerment, education, financial literacy, counseling  and education surround  basketball training, so that youth are given a wide variety of tools to help them with success in life.

VMA approached the design mindful that the group wanted its new home to reflect more than athletics, but its desire to be seen as a vital community partner. Seven courts will be available, including one specifically intended for early skills development. The flexible design allows for stadium seating to move into place to create a 1,200-seat stadium court that can be used for tournament play. 

With construction underway, the center will soon enable PYB to serve seven times as many young people in addition to offering employment opportunities to the surrounding North Philadelphia Nicetown neighborhood and creating operating space for up to eight small businesses.


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Size: 90,000 sf
Budget: $25 million


Architecture, Interior Design, Planning

Alan Horowitz 'Sixth Man' Center

Philadelphia Youth Basketball | Philadelphia, PA

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