Athletics Feasibility Study

Princeton Day School | Princeton, New Jersey

The athletic facilities at PDS were spread around the school’s campus and for the most part the spaces were also old and outdated. VMA was tasked with planning for a consolidation of the indoor facilities and planning for a new tennis complex.

In the programming efforts it became clear that the school wanted their new athletics center to be a celebration of community: a place in which the entire school and the surrounding community could gather to show school spirit around the excitement of competition. The Center would also function as an all-school assembly space with seating for up to 1,000, hosting guest speakers, awards ceremonies, small performances, and event receptions. VMA proposed a flexible and welcoming new building attached to the existing ice rink that would blend into its context through a design vocabulary that drew from the architectural style of the main campus while acknowledging neighboring historic farm buildings. To offer the school different programmatic options, VMA explored both a 68,000 sf and a 95,000 sf facility. Each were conceived to meet LEED Gold standards.

A new tennis pavilion at the center of ten new courts would be another venue to accommodate both sports and social functions. The siting, parking, landscape and a ropes course were also a significant part of the sustainable initiative and a challenge as we were working with a site that has streams and wetlands.

Landscape completed in association with Andropogon Associates.

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Size: 82,000 sf
Budget: $28 million


Planning, Landscape

Athletics Feasibility Study

Princeton Day School | Princeton, New Jersey

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