Tennis Courts

St. Andrew’s School | Middletown, Delaware

The new tennis center at St. Andrew’s School resulted from the targeted athletics facilities plan produced by VMA. It is comprised of eleven new courts on a site on the right side of the entrance road in a location that could be gently terraced and bermed. Three existing courts closer to the student residence halls could then be used for recreational purposes and third teams. The project was initiated to enable the construction of a new field house on the site of the existing tennis center.

The new courts are grouped to accommodate coaches’ diverse styles of practice and to help manage runoff. The berms and associated plantings form wind breaks and were purposely designed to provide natural seating for viewing a match. Fencing around the courts is high at the end walls and low in the middle to allow for better viewing. A storage shed holds balls, ball machines, and spare racquets.

Because the site is very visible on campus, we designed the stormwater retention basin to look like a pond so that it would integrate more subtly into the landscape. The banks are high enough to handle the increased surface flow caused by the courts in major storms. A windmill pumps the water into a cistern that in turn provides water for the adjacent organic garden.

Landscape completed in association with Rodney Robinson Landscape Architects

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Size: 11 courts
Budget: $1.6 million


Planning, Landscape

Tennis Courts

St. Andrew’s School | Middletown, Delaware

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