The Barn Student Center

Millbrook School | Millbrook, New York

Millbrook School wanted a student center with a design that was open, attractive, subtly monitored with an appropriate mix of functions: a place that felt safe and owned by all the students. However, the facility was originally built as a dairy barn – one of the original structures purchased by the Pullings when they established Millbrook School. Over the years the hay loft served as a gym, a theater and student hang out. The low-ceilinged stall area was a “milk bar,” study hall, and store. The floors were disconnected, and the functions did not support one another. The Barn was on the verge of being torn down, but sentiment to the school’s architectural history led to its re-design.

Removing a section of the second floor connected the interior spaces visually and spatially. The snack bar seating area is open to the game/lounge area on the second floor with soaring ceilings and the hominess of the exposed heavy timbers. College Advising, and the school store open onto the seating area. A meeting rooms, student activities offices, counseling offices and the TV lounge open on to the main lounge area. A terrace was created on the roof of the kitchen addition. The Barn is a LEED Gold Certified space that combines the history and spirit of the school with the vibrancy and durability of a student center.


LEED Gold Certified
AIA Philadelphia Chapter, Merit Award - Preservation, 2014
Traditional Building Magazine, Palladio Award - Adaptive Reuse/Sympathetic Addition, 2014


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Size: 11,000 sf
Budget: $7.1 million


Architecture, Interior Design, Historical Preservation, Planning, Landscape, Sustainability

The Barn Student Center

Millbrook School | Millbrook, New York

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