Thorndale Farm Private Offices

Millbrook, New York

Thorndale Farm is a management office for a family-run private trust. Situated on a back street in a rural Hudson Valley town, the building’s architecture speaks to its surrounding context of barns, outbuildings and railroad structures. The furniture and color scheme are in part inspired by Shaker aesthetics.

A mix of open and private offices are supported by a double height multipurpose space and meeting rooms and staff break room. There is a formal conference room, the design of which reflects the importance of decisions made within. It also serves as a dining room and is supported by a full catering kitchen. At the entrance to this room a lounge serves as coat room, touchdown space and waiting area. The building forms a “U” defining an intimate exterior courtyard. All the major spaces open on to this tree lined, paved space making each room and the halls more gracious.

A secondary aspect of the program supports entertainment for potential investors, the trust and staff. The open flow of the plan allows for various events to be held in the space, with a catering kitchen tucked away from guests while being easily accessible to staff.


Completed in association with G. P. Schafer Architect, PLLC.


Traditional Building Magazine, Palladio Award - New Design & Construction less than 30,000 sf, 2018
Institute for Classical Architecture & Art, Stanford White Award, 2016


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  • "Thorndale farms moves into its office building." The Millbrook Independent, 18 February 2015.
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Size: 16,000 sf
Budget: $7.5 million


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape

Thorndale Farm Private Offices

Millbrook, New York

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