Wesley Alumni House

The Pennington School | Pennington, New Jersey

Pennington’s historic campus retained the original headmaster’s house from the 1850’s, which was more recently known as Lowelldon. It had seen a number of unsympathetic alterations that divided what was once a single-family home into a series of first floor offices for the Admissions Department and a small apartment on the second floor. After the Admissions Department was relocated into more suitable space, Lowelldon’s fate was uncertain. Following a grassroots campaign in support of maintaining the building, Lowelldon was moved nearly 100 yards across campus to enable construction of a much-needed new academic building. Following its relocation, VMA directed the complete restoration of the building to transform it from an underutilized administrative building into the Wesley Alumni House.

Working from the original residential layout, we created a series of office and meeting spaces to support Pennington’s Alumni and Development Offices. Insensitive additions were replaced with more appropriate designs, and the windows, heating, and cooling systems were completely replaced to introduce a modern standard of energy efficiency. The porch was completely reconstructed based on historic photos while incorporating full accessibility. All exterior siding, trim, and brackets were replaced with low-maintenance Hardi-plank and polymer products. Basic paint analysis was used to determine colors that most closely matched the original intent – with the addition of a vibrant red, one of the school’s signature colors.


The Pennington Historical Commission, Historic Preservation Award, 2014

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Size: 3,100 sf
Budget: $800,000


Architecture, Interior Design, Historical Preservation, Landscape

Wesley Alumni House

The Pennington School | Pennington, New Jersey

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